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August 24, 2008


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Natalie Buchkovich

Okay I can't believe how big Elery(sp?) is getting. I remember when I first moved here, she was just a little girl! Crazy! I am so glad that you have had a fun summer. Love your pictures! You are so talented at so many things. And I know how it feel to not getting a baby! It sucks!!!! Good Luck at that!

mother goose

wow, you had a great busy summer! Glad you are back and I think Sophie is beautiful!


you are not supposed to have anymore babies. I know that sucks, but you seriously need to stay healthy for the kids you do have! ;) you worry me......
I LOVE LOVE the pictures you took, isn't that camera awesome?
you made me jealous with the jersey pics...especially the mac and manco's pizza picture. I'm afraid I may never have another real pizza in my life.
Those are really great pics of Chloe at her baptism and I agree Elle has gotten so big this summer!
Make sure you to Peace Valley Winery in a few weeks and go apple picking... 2nd week in September. It doesn't cost a lot and its fun... plus you can make apple pies!!!
COme visit us amd come swimming in our pool! ;)


you will have to give me directions to that winery, i wanted to pick apples last year but didn't know where to go. and there is no way my apple pies will ever compare to yours!! they are so yummy! we are gonna miss the annual knight halloween party =(
and i wanna come visit! i actually have a present for you, i need your address =)

you are so sweet! ellie is getting too big, it makes me sad to think that she will be in kindergarten next year =(

mother goose~
i LOVE your blog and recipe blog! we think sophie is pretty adorable also =)

Kristi Smith

Great photos! I wanted more babies too (only have one) but it wasn't in God's plan . . . so we got a dog. ;)

So that is a real pizza, I wonder what it tastes like? lol


Finally! My stomach is growling just looking at that pizza! I'm sad I couldn't be there. All of your kids look really grown up-I can't believe how fast time goes by. So how many cats do you have now? Baby kittens are so much fun to play with. What are you going to do with the blueberries you picked?


Tag, you're it! I tagged you! Check out my blog for details. :-)

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