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October 08, 2008


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Tell her you're going to make her clean the potty, as a new chore, since she likes having a potty mouth :) Or she can clean the cats' potty!


lol ok that is funny mandi!! well tell her that if she doesn't stop, then next time she will have to clean the potty with her mouth, but only threaten1!!!!


I like Kelleys idea. I have to say I'm not shocked.... ;) but it is funny!

Allison Taylor

That is so darn cute! I want to hear about the sailor talk though! Bring it on.


great ideas! i am gonna try the cleaning of the potty and litter box.. i KNOW she will not wanna do that.

allison, the words would make you blush if i told you!! chloe is a sassy little thing!
lol keri!! i always knew chloe would be my challenge! she is so strong willed with a super hot temper.. ugh, not a good mix!


how old are your kids? is this what I have to look forward to? Sorry I have no oldest is going to turn 7 this week and I have not yet had to deal with this.

Kristi Smith

U need to update more often. ;)

Is she still cleaning the potty?

Patty Sampson

I heard once from the Supernanny that you are supposed to ignore bad language. Heaven help anyone actually trying to do that. But I know when I was a kid I had bad language, and my mom actually only had to clean out my mouth with soap to make it stop. It tasted terrible!

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