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March 26, 2009


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he he this is soooo cute. I think she has more talent than some of the Idol contestants do.

baylie benson

you have to get her to sing a video for you! then post it!! that sounds sooo awesome!!!


Aunt Demon + "Donovan" + blackmail in the future = paybacks for all of the Disney and High School crap Musical songs I've heard the past 4+ years. . . insert evil laugh here mwhahahahaha


Oh! That is the CUTEST thing I have ever heard! She is a talented little girl! And what a lucky boy Donovan is. :) I just love the part where she will not be leaving him behind. That is so sweet.


too cute!

cristine garrison

HAHA. i love the line, "i never know where you are." haha. she is too cute. snuggle her for me!

i hope you are feeling better!

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