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August 24, 2009


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You crack me up with that title. So you recommend cheddar and swiss not mozarella right? And so you would make your sauce and skip that part after suateeing the chicken and ham where it says to add chicken broth etc (in you step 1)and just stir in you awesome suace recipe. I might try this next week. Thanks for sharing!
I covet your baking dish ;)


When I made this recipe, I made the rice first and ended up with 4 cups of rice. I put all of the rice in and as a result it was a little dry. Next time I will definitely use the right amount of rice as well as using swiss cheese to add some more flavor. Maybe I'll try my sauce recipe too. LOL!


LOL nikkie! atleast i gave you credit for the recipe =P i found it alittle dry also and i didn't like the onions, so next time i will make it onion free!


melinda, yes, i would just make my/nikkie's sauce, no onions or garlic. and i thought the mozzarella cheese was boring, it didn't add extra flavor so next time i will try swiss cheese =)

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