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August 31, 2009


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First of all that song wasstuck in my head all day...and ijust heard it onthe radio again in the!!

Secondly that looks wayyyyy yummy. I have never cooked with kale so you must be right it is under rated...will have to give this a try. Will have to do mild suasage here...the kiddos are wimps.


OMGOSH! you are blogging! whf? (fetch) oh my gosh... I am so shocked! I'm so impressed too! I can't wait to go through all these posts that i have missed and try 1 or 2 of them!

hollie kuehne

Ok, all this food you are posting looks super yummy.


alright Lady I will give you the month off, but come October this blog needs some attention!

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I like all the food or recipes that you posted here..they are all delicious..


ahem! someone has disappeared again!

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Looks good.. Try this one out..

baylie bee

MANDY!! POST AGAIN!!! I'm missin out on everything in penn now I'm out of the loop


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