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February 13, 2008


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Ha! That's a cute blog. And I don't think you're alone on alot of those things. The usual trip to Target for us costs about $100. Everytime. Even if we don't think we got that much, or we do think we got alot, the magic number is 100. So, you're lucky it's only 60 for you! :o)


What is it with Target? I have the exact same problem! London, wow! Your trip sounds like it will be absolutely amazing, I'm so excited for you!


you are funny.............

Kristi Smith

I thought I already commented on this!!!

I thought you were going to say you loved to sniff your armpits.

I once thought i was dying:


Tell Niki there is a new cooking magazine out called Clean Eating. It gives gluten-free and dairy-free and allergy-free recipes in it. She can do a google search for the magazine and look at it online. I bought an issue at Target, and it's pretty good.

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